Crafting your message
I can help you hone your message to achieve the greatest impact. Too many good causes fail to deliver their messages effectively. Need writing or editing assistance? I can help.

Print design & delivery
I can help you create effective printed materials, on-time, within budget, with the most social impact and least environmental impact. Need union printing? Highest recycled content? You’ve got it. Need brochures, posters, flyers, event guides, reports, newsletters? See my portfolio. And I’ll find the right printer to get your job done quickly, responsibly, at the best available price.

Web design
I also create functional, attractive, and very affordable websites and blogs that you can easily maintain yourself. I use WordPress, an open-source web-publishing platform. It’s a great tool for quickly assembling affordable websites that are user-friendly both for visitors and owners. It’s not just for blogging, but is actually quite versatile and adaptable to a wide range of web needs.

Basic website design or redesign: $500. Contact me to see if your project qualifies, or see more details here.

With communication options multiplying like rabbits, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with choices. Print, website, blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter? With limited time and resources, how can you best achieve your goals? I can help you navigate this ever-shifting terrain to help you find the best mix for you.